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Here is the page reserved for inspired scribbling, doodling and coughing up your fur-balls of creative writing and poetic pondering’s.

Soap Queen

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Walking alone she cries, I’ve used up my alibi’s.
She tries to conceal her pain, as she points the gun at his brain.
Oh but she knows which way to turn and she knows which way to run, as she throws her faith inside, the barrel of that gun.

So come won’t you play my war and we’ll reinvent the law.
She pulls out her eyes and says, let the light shine through my head.
Oh but she knows just when to laugh and she knows just how to scream and her Love was trapped inside of that glossy magazine.

She’s a soap queen!

Conception & Perception

Lars Magnus Holmgren

The chicken & the egg … awareness aware of itself.

Reality requires the play of ‘self-awareness’, although ‘self’ is very much ‘definition dependant’ in this sense and as such pertain to laws of relativity; a wonderful play of definition dependency in a relativistic flux ad infinitum.

Logically you might thus conclude there is no ultimate truth in a relative universe, only ultimate awareness and as such awareness is the only ultimate truth.

So reality in that sense can be equated to ‘awareness aware of itself’.

However, going beyond all self referencing and definitions, the self is ultimately destroyed (surrendered / void) – awareness ‘void’ of self; Cessation of the definitions and thoughts we are confined and culturally defined by.

Ironically one can argue that the cessation of all definitions acts as the catalyst whereby relativistic ‘self centric’ reality is ultimately destroyed / consumed / surrendered / void as awareness ‘void’ of self.

Hence ‘self centric’ notions of reality raise ‘self awareness’ and ultimately consumes/destroys all notions/illusions of self centric reality in order to rest in a reality beyond relativity.

Status Quo and the Tribal Animal

Lars Magnus Holmgren

We are indeed a tribal animal and at the centre of tribal values is family and familiarity.

Conformity as derived from common strict moral values deemed important by the lesser and greater family breeds ‘fear of the unfamiliar’. Texts of old like the Heimskringla show that to be outcast from the familiarity of ones society was seen as a sentence worse than death. Hence anything outside of the family is deemed as lawless, destructive, anarchist etc.

Fear of the unknown can be seen as fear of the ‘outside’ world i.e outside the convenient realm of familiarity and is thus enforced keeping the visible and invisible borders of the organized structure separate from what is deemed chaotic and discordant to our safety.

Typical ‘divide and conquer’ style strategies are thus easy to implement with the silent majority too complacent to open their eyes enough to see beyond the family’s false yet reassuring sense of safety and convenience.

Daring to ‘question’ (freedom of choice) is perhaps the most courageous act in such a family structure.

We see this toxic sense of family reflected in organized crime yet often fail to see it in other organizations such as religion, science, education, sport, business, culture, sub-culture and our immediate peers.

Family, where the right to free speech is acknowledged as intrinsically important to its healthy structure can be our greatest peer structure for personal and societal evolution, yet when that voice is undermined and denied as a means of enforcing rigid shackles of control, then the family structure becomes a prison of conformist relations.

The irony is that family free from (space/time) such restraints and borders is our ultimate divinity.

Hunger for Knowledge

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Suffering is food for growth

You should always aim beyond your limits

convenience = complacency = mediocrity

coal +/- stress/duress = diamond

You can argue that aiming high and failing is healthier than aiming within your limitations and succeeding.

They Preach Oppression

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Welcome to the new enterprise
Nice step up in consumer ties
The welfare noose shines our dancing shoes
while consensus drains the light from your eyes

So you feel you’ve cut the scene
New views for their corporate scheme
Spin the wheel and carve the stakes
as the sponsors take from the deals you break

They preach oppression
They teach oppression

Take that chance and dine in style
Swallow these pills to embrace denial
They’ll tax your dreams as you fantasize
Their policies cut you down to size

They preach oppression
They teach oppression

Got that new designer suit
to dress up your corporate repute
A wheelin’ dealin’ egoic dispute
Destiny ripped up by the common root

They preach oppression
They teach oppression

A multi-media mass hysteria need to criticise
and respect your socio-political ties
Truth is patented by lies
your eyes gauged out by the media wise

They preach oppression
They teach oppression
They breed oppression


Lars Magnus Holmgren

Apprehension obscures comprehension. Perception filters conception. Everyone’s relative grasp on reality is nonetheless absolute.


Lars Magnus Holmgren

All fact is propaganda since all individuated or collective POV’s are always relative. In ‘fact’ countless ‘facts’ have already been disproved.

Facts have been an effective means of keeping society in order via our various doctrines (indoctrination).

Facts although portending to be about establishing means of viewing ‘truths’ are more a means of stamping out alternative POV’s by those in consensus to power.


Lars Magnus Holmgren

Fear of error implies fear of limitations and loss of control. Ironically the real fear lies in our fear of the limitless which can be equated with fear of truth.

We associate ‘being in control’ with a false sense of unity i.e. our own identity.

‘True’ acceptance of ‘truth’ is the release of that contracted state, a surrender into ‘true unity’.

Truth 01

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Truth is formless and as such is destroyed by definition.

Absolute truth by definition is thus false, since all implications of the word are bound to the nature of ‘things(form)’ and hence bound to imperfection.

I feel that Absolute is actually quite a redundant word, certainly in relation to truth and has an air of hypocrisy largely due to the abuse of the word via legal and religious doctrines.

I feel that ‘definition’ is what kills the act of presenting your POV in a defined manner; you squeeze the breath out of it. We can never contain truth, as much as we want to scrutinise, analyse and squeeze it into a squeezy-tube of convenience, it has to remain a ‘peripheral level of raised awareness’ serving as an intuitive guide for our body politic … and of course I too have killed it by attempting to counter-rationalise a meaning for it 😉

Resolution and absolution are states of mind and such carved in ego.

Truth just IS.

Truth IS obsolete!

Three Sides to a Coin

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Three sides to a coin / contention is futile yet synonymous with duality.

Anything beyond two sides is irrelevant, so to say three sides is missing the point, especially since the third side is a ‘wheel/loop/circle’ and as such as no beginning and end.

Unity has no reference point in time/space and hence does not have a point-of-view, instead it has all-encompassing vision with complete surrendered judgement.

The yawning void.

The ever full emptiness.

For the sake of being silly (big fan of all things silly) we could say that the third side of the coin being a full circle is the ‘wheel/sun’ serving as a reminder of ‘non-co(i)intention’.

Contention/Non-Contention being worthy of mention here in relation to POV and stance.

(Free) Choice can be viewed as part of the ‘elixir of inspiration’ (how’s that for new age twee-ness!).

It is only the maya-bound-mind that fails to ‘see’ and hence objectifies the elixir into divisions (sides and points-of-view) as it is polluted through the wheel of samsara.

(Non)self awareness provides the stepping-stone to non-contentious communication allowing for a filter-process (natural spontaneously arising discrimination rather than forced ego driven cathartic analysis and judgment) prior to arriving at and taking a particular stance (whether it be a local or non-local ‘side’ and POV) … and now onto serendipity in relation to deductive arguments …! (not) … and as such the glue that binds the other sides in position in their relative positional reference to time/space.

Consciousness & Rationality

Lars Magnus Holmgren

The QUESTion is the answer.

The common root here whether atheist, monotheist or nontheist is the ‘question’ and the question is always (irreducibly) the answer.

Analysis ultimately destroys what intuition creates. However, destruction frees the ‘seed’ of new life to grow until it reaches the point where its root system is strong enough to stare back at itself only to destroy itself again.

There are Reductionist theories trying to reduce things to the point where you see the light-at-the-proverbial-end-of-the-tunnel akin to coming out the butt-end of the arch-deity only to look back and see the ‘whole’ from which they launched their quest staring back at them once again cross-eyed.

We have the theorem of ‘non locality’; two particles interact and they are forever entangled in that what affects one will forever affect the other even when separated by light years of space-time.

Hence whether opting for a deductive or inductive approach to analysis and argument we often arrive at a severance (as per dissociation from the astral; disaster) from the whole which sucks the poignancy out of the POV we are assuming.

So arguments that lose touch and connection with holistic principles are ultimately fruitless.

You ultimately cannot induce, deduce, reduce, isolate, abbreviate, depreciate, subtract, itemise or add to the whole.

So taking a hop-skip-and-jump sideways to the afore-mentioned point regarding analogy and sweeping aside all sweeping comments.

Conveying a message whether by analogy or other means will be weighted relative to the phonetic empowerment of the (spoken or written) phrase or stanza in Q.

Admittedly knowledge of the dynamic application of phonetics is somewhat lost in history (whether via Pythagorean POV, Galdr, Seidr and Sanskrit etc).

Being a lover of cliché … All roads (inevitably) lead to Rome 😉

Choice is beyond yet intrinsically fused with the interplay of duality

Truth 02 – Cultured Truths

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Culture is the ‘glue’ that holds society together via emotional, intellectual and sociopolitical ties. (Mainstream) Culture is the ultimate ‘convenient’ truth and as such is a medium for a ‘dip-our-toes in’ look at the juxtaposition-of-free-will known as ‘reality’.

Give me death or give me convenience (!) springs to mind (a Jello Biafra ism). Convenience is the luxury death (of free mind) trip. Hence the means of control via keeping the status quo complacent and filter-fed as to what we consider ‘normal’.

Truth has no shadow!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt 😉


Lars Magnus Holmgren

Don’t forget the seeds

Germination / determination / termination / …

An active, focused/determined surrender is required, not passive complacent acceptance.

The seed is key in that ignorance keeps us from it for it lies within the fruit which has to be devo…ured or destroyed in order to allow for germination to take place.

Termination of self-doubt! … the lighting conditions in your composition provide a long looming shadow and there is power in that ‘shadow’ as ‘food-for-thought’. The fruit i.e. god-head casts a shadow (our self-doubt) which serves as a great example of the necessity of coming to terms with our own mortality and the ultimate demise of self referencing

The self is ultimately ‘in time/turn’ sacrificed. The fruit (god-head) must be devoured as fuel to get beyond our own individual as well as collective self referencing.

The self is consumed as food for true insight.

Faith is born only when the seed (of self-doubt) splits open to release the new life.

You cannot have faith in anything with a specific point in time and space since all reference points are illusory.

Extremes & Boehme’s

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Light commands shade and vice versa to express ‘form’ so we have the play of the full colour, hue and tonality (as interference) at play here.

Once again, the ‘self shadowing’ aspect is intriguing here in that the luminous sphere has no …’sef-shadow’ since the spectrum has no jarring interference pattern to contend or indeed concur with in its whole state. However, once sliced, ‘self-shadowing’ breaks the unity into duality.

I am assuming the ‘slice’ is now under the illusion it is ‘self-liberated’ is off on a galaxial journey like a space-ship out of ‘Flesh Gordon’.


Lars Magnus Holmgren

Conjecture implies conclusive understanding and the human mind is not capable of anything other than contemplative conjunction.

Logos is bogus!

Deliberate cessation of logic risks acting as a prerequisite for nothing more than a sociopolitical onomatopoeia of sorts. However, when (alchemically) surrendered logic is simply an extension of the belief (faith) system in Q’. Hope/Faith thus flows in accord with logic when the mind is unfettered by conventional restraints.

Factual argument has no meaning without faith and as such is only conjecture.

Fact as one’s POV of objective reality relies on personal conjecture and hence somewhat ironically is always false.


Lars Magnus Holmgren

The removal of all SELF doubt 😉

Faith implies the certainty that the foundations of life are by nature (ALWAYS) uncertain, yet by (non-mind / intuitive) spontaneous cognition, a filter for unlimited awareness and potential.

Faith implies the certainty that the foundations of life are by nature (ALWAYS) uncertain, yet by (non-mind / intuitive) spontaneous cognition, a filter for unlimited awareness and potential.

Science is by default meaningless and hence false without faith in the absurdity of meaning 😉

Scientific certainty is an oxymoron.

Faith is a tainted word when implying dogmatic belief structures.

By Faith I am inferring a non dualistic sense of causality, not a textbook/bible POV of reality.

There is no ‘final answer’ (although there was the ‘final countdown’ which was a tragically bad pop song – he he). Nothing is certain, other than uncertainty. The ‘question’ is the only source of validating one’s life existence in an otherwise existentialist soup of rhetorical values.

The question is always the answer.

Belief in certainty is dogma … (egotistically) we can only ever pretend to be what we portend to be.

(Grasp on) Reality

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Apprehension obscures comprehension.

Perception filters conception.

Everyone’s relative grasp on reality is nonetheless absolute.

Analysis & Intuition

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Analysis destroys what intuition creates (via our whimsical sense of freeform nature).

The wheel of samsara keeps turning.

We fear what we cannot define, yet we are indefinitely cognitive of our infinite potential cloaked by our finite (earthly) needs.

The rational mind is driven by the analytical tendency to divide what it deems true from the false, breaking the whole into parts and sub-parts to arrive at the reflection of the whole again which in turn consumes the sum of all accumulated parts.

The rational mind is manifest and time bound and the intuitive mind is non-manifest.

Our (collective and individuated) initial vision becomes our mirage through the course of time. Ultimately all castles are made of sand.

Birth/intuition and death/analysis are ultimately one and the same. Their binding agent is cognitive (non) awareness.

Creatures of Habit

Lars Magnus Holmgren

One might peruse that …

The human ego is plagued by the need to identify with a sense of uniqueness; a sense of mistaken absoluteness defined by form within a definitive point in time/space, when in essence we are non-localized and formless.

Self identity seen as unique demands that we adhere and conform to a sense of individuality as separate from ‘others’ which is prejudiced by our own pre-determined biased nature.

We seek to quantify (and hence feel in control of) the unquantifiable, when we are unquantifiable in essence.

Egoic self-identification thus fosters the notion that truth must be defined as factual evidence to justify our own limited self-reference point, when in essence truth is undefinable.

Truth is beyond definition, yet our egoic quest for it places us in the epicenter of the ‘create & destroy’ dual flux of what we see as the natural laws of reality (socio-religious and scientific doctrines alike).

The irony is that life cannot exist (be defined) without the ego.

The egoic self forever instinctively destroys creation in the vain yet ‘natural’ (self as defined by natural laws) attempt to quantify truth.

The will to conquer truth shadows our ultimately surrendered (timeless /non plausible /non sectarian) essence and the vacuous reflection upon this dual nature cuts through our need to Self identify.

Night at The Local

I twisted the back off the bottle of squid feet before sucking my head back into the vacuum cleaner.

The lady before me was quite ecstatic, chewing on her new floral gown. The petals blew free from it with a gust of wind that erupted from behind the billows of the gown, flatulently toasting the void between us.

My antennae twitched as the usual little ants streamed down my nose with their dude-walk style complete with tiny little bouffant hair do’s. I was bored so I flicked one of them, assuming it to be their leader sending it spinning onto the table below my now melted chin.

The ant lay struggling desperately trying to style it’s hair-do into shape, although it was only moments later that a piece of my forehead proceeded to follow suit with my chin dripping a large globule of melted skin like a ball of streaming napalm onto the ant.

The other ants leapt off my nose in a vain rescue attempt of their fearless leader. One of them about turned and revealing wings like that of a wasp flew up and stung me in the right eyeball for kicks. My eyes welled over with tears and I fought through a wave of agony struggling to keep my good eye open to focus on the other ants before me. They now appeared to have created a funeral procession of sorts.

Three of them shaped a shaving of parmesan cheese on the table into a means of carrying their dead leader. Another picked the tiny corpse up and lifted it onto the prop.

The winged ant then flew back into view and as it looked set to land it reared up and pissed green flames at the dead ant, setting it ablaze. The others then pushed it out over a little puddle which must have appeared like a lake to the little buggers. They then stood with heads bowed towards the floating flaming barge, observing what was approximately two minutes of silence before being collectively flattened with a loud thud by one of the barmen.

“Bloody ants are a nuisance this time of year” coughed the barman before rolling up the remains of my melted chin and forehead in a strange dough ball fusion and biting into it with rabid fervor.

Peeling My Face Off

Lars Magnus Holmgren

The skin peels away with ease, like cheese from a pizza.
The residual after effects of too much social lubrication from the night before come in and out of focus like a fly dizzy from the summers heat.

Sweat trickles down my forehead, a sign of the toxins in my body politic.

I stare at my face now on the table before me.

The pins and needles of the anaesthetic is already wearing off, not long before the pain kicks in.

The others face is not looking so good with gangrene having set in, although it is the only real alternative other than wrapping my face up like a Mummy.

Over by the medicine cabinet I spot a bottle of vodka. I pour the alcohol liberally over the face in a rough and ready attempt at sterilization. The realisation that the means of attaching the new face are not readily available sends a jolt of adrenalin spawned from fear through me. That ever familiar instinctive fight&flight energy courses though my veins. I stagger throughout the room opening drawers and cupboards and manage to find crude makeshift resources for the required procedure. The super glue should do the trick although I use the old fishing line to secure and tuck the corners behind the brow line. The pain is really beginning to kick in hard now.

The vodka takes the edge off the pain as I stumble into the night.

Neck Ties 

Lars Magnus Holmgren

The new way of steaming asparagus is usually met with contempt by the local wheelers and dealers.

However, they have been known to shoot people for simmering plankton.

Sauted eel brains are not very popular amongst these locals either, although at least they tolerate them rather than spitting them out like they do with the likes of candied lobster bosom.

I once snuck up on one of them late one evening whilst he had nodded off by the nearby lounge bar. I then gently slipped a strawberry goulash neck tie which I had fashioned the night before, tying it about his wart ridden neck.

To my surprise, rather than raising hell, the next day saw the lot of them sporting duplicate neck ties which they intend to market by force to the PR division of Eurovision in the coming year.

Chocolate Fiend

Lars Magnus Holmgren

My friend likes chocolate so much she decided to smear it all over her best maid at her hen do.

She then pirouetted in a mock-ballet way on the gritty cocktail bar floor before picking up a large fork from a dirty plate and stabbing it into the maid. The maid screamed having been struck in the left ear.

The bride to be then crunched away at the chock covered ear before ripping off the right arm and chewing away at the fingers ‘crunch crack’ and then the wrist ‘crack splinter’ with her eagerness for chocolate covered flesh increasing until her jaw unlocked and extended like that of a huge python.

The struggling maid promptly fainted as the bride reached her shoulder.

All other hen-do attendees bar one had smashed a nearby window and fled into the streets. The remaining one smashed a champagne glass onto a corner table and struck the bride-to-be in the eye with the splintered glass goblet.

The bride having consumed the entire left arm and half of the head of her chocolate rich meal promptly spat it all out in mocha-shock. She spun around in another dizzy pirouette as she tried to yank the glass goblet from her eye. She struggled, shrieked and then whipped her head towards camera with a big cheesy grin singing “smile your on candid home-cam”!


Lars Magnus Holmgren

Climbing unto my own back, I offer myself a piggy back down the busy high street.

Sweaty suits brush by me as I make my way past the pied piper picking a pepper.

After discarding the pepper the piper hops high and tumbles onto the gutter before me. I flick a coin into his buskers hat and continue down the street.

Fast Food

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Drink to the sounds of coloured oblivion
Dusted lice
Plastic stretch bust out yo yo go go’s
Duddle crack faces
Slippery slide erotic love it legs
Velvet vicarious candy crush stretch sloth
Cuddle cuddle razor!

Over the house
Crawl under the house
Cheers to the swinging man
Switch blade test tube ouch
Don’t spill argh sexy splash
Sugar and spice seringe head
Slurp slurp tum yum sleazy
Kiss kiss fast food
Kiss kiss fast food
Kiss kiss kill kill
Kiss kiss compost!

Emotion & Logic

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Emotion and Logic are inseparable when considering effective communication.

We cannot neglect to consider the full historical context of language as derived via a written means of depicting and representing archetypes and the invocation/evocation of words to determine a specific result.

Hence you cannot separate logic from emotional intelligence and furthermore language is inclusive of intuitive cognition and imagination.

The written and spoken word as language stems from a syntactic, morphological, and phonological convergence as is evident historically whether observing Cuneiform, Afroasiatic, Hieroglyph, Sanskrit, Phoenician, Futhark-Galdr through to our modern day alphabet and language variants.

Phonetics with regards oratory command considers the emotive resonance of the spoken delivery; beat, rhythm and arrangement of words as much as the logical meaning and structure.

Logic and emotional intelligence thus guides the structure and arrangement of the words to invoke and evoke a specific response as well taking into account the clarity of communication.

Mainstream Constipation & The Middle Road

Lars Magnus Holmgren

Most thoughts abstracted via the limited dual mindset (born of ego) are TOXIC (to a varying degree).

Claiming to take a ‘middle’ view/road when passing judgement via derogatory names  is on the contrary to ‘middle’ rather taking a radical POV and is thus often representative of a considerably ‘toxic’ mainstream mindset.

You risk adding to corrupt mindsets when your mind is deluded by misguided emotional and sensory responses to what you consider left or right of your addiction to the proverbial safety harness of mainstream convenient lifestyle.

Political correctness aside since I realise there are many pro-active civil libertarians using ‘shock tactics’ and role playing to unravel the corruption they are protesting against; to be truly effective (and not destructive) in taking the ‘middle’ path implies rising beyond duality and ‘detoxifying’ the ego obscured mindset via non dual awareness and hence ‘centering’ yourself to a more balanced altruistic outlook. Then, re-entering the dual sphere of existence with a more lucid mindset you can take a ‘middle’ yet pro-active stance without the harmful consequences of mainstream rhetoric.

Mental Discrimination – BS Detector for The Mind

Lars Magnus Holmgren

We ultimately are what we choose to invest through our field of view (self projection), as coloured by our emotive attachment to what we perceive (judgement). Your ‘bullshit’ detector i.e. means of discriminating quality from waste can therefore obscured via irrationally tempered emotions (as addictive traits under the make-up of the ego).

When you fuel your projected sensory experience with what you judge as dogma via reactive, condescending rhetoric, then dogma grows into a greater proverbial beast to be reckoned with (growing proportionally to the degree of focal intensity).

On the other hand, liberating the mind from the clutter of emotional baggage and the tendency towards addictive, reactive patterns of the mindset, allows your means of discrimination to pro-actively challenge and/or prune the shape what you judge as dogma from a more lucid field of view.


Lars Magnus Holmgren

The moment thought is born we simultaneously introduce and surrender, create and destroy all forms of control and responsibility.

Non-dual Awareness as spontaneous pro-active surrender is our only honorable all seeing ally.

Our greatest dishonour can be rationalised as self identification (as separate from source) and as such we lose control, make responsibility surrogate to ourselves and often lose ourselves (forget who we are).

Dishonor accommodates the repetitive birth of the re-active, addictive, illusory dual time bound state of thought as form; ‘Self-identified’ as ego we define need for limitations and so shape the boundaries of Truth/Honour and False/Dishonor

Unfettered awareness is thus obscured via the ego’s tendency for emotional attachment to the ongoing dramas and belief patterns of the self-identifying mind as forged via the advent of (relative) time and the tendency towards ‘fear’ is unleashed in the futile attempt to regain control (of what was/is never lost).

The fettered mind becomes prey to subservience as a noxious by-product of constantly reacting/fighting to regain control.
In the political arena ‘truth’ is reduced to a rigid means enforcing conformity to a set morale code as law&order to keep the mind of the masses enslaved via their collective instinctive tendency towards denying responsibility via fear/greed/survival based reactivity.

The naturally questioning and rationalising mind is thereby rationalised (pacified) and personal freedom of expression is lost under the cloak of convenience draped over the proverbial shoulders of an exemplary model of civility as status quo.

The addictive tendency of the limited mind to cling to established concepts for fear of rocking the boat keeps the illusion of reality in tact.
The various forms of political, societal and personal control and manipulation are ultimately a phantom and you cannot rationally enter a milieu with a phantom and hope to win anything. On the contrary, you become more easily manipulated feeding off fear and emotional reactivity.

You cannot fight for peace and freedom when not aligned to your true nature since peace and freedom are also phantoms when scrutinised via the limited I construct.

Re-aligning with our formless non dual essence dispels all phantoms and forms of control and allows us to re-enter the play of reality wise to the concensual interconnected nature of being. From this POV at the most lucid and cognizant state we (as observer / creator) are able to accept total responsibiity and acceptance for every thought form, life form and all actions of the timeSpace continuum and hence transcend the ‘pointed finger’ of externalising blame, demonising and conflict.

The cause/effect of any given choice shapes the projected mind-set moment-to-moment with each moment a new reality. Freedom of choice can thus never be taken away from anyone, despite the apparent extremity of and given situation.

Note; To be updated soon.

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