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Portfolio artwork currently on sale via the following links …

1.) Bluethumb

2,) Etsy

3.) Fine Art America

4.) Saatchi Art

5.) Life Framer

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LINKS to other Portfolio sites:

Delight in the visceral wow factor like being zapped by 240V to the amygdala when viewing the recommended rusty chain LINKS below!

1.) LinkedIn Portfolio

2.) Instagram Portfolio

3.) Vimeo Portfolio

4.) Twitter

5.) Youtube Portfolio

6.) IMDB Lars Holmgren & Lars Magnus Holmgren

7.) Scratch My Nose

Lars has been a collaborator and partner in Multi Media Scratch My Nose.

View the Scratch My Nose website.

8.) Directorial Representation

Lars has been represented for Creative, VFX and Animation Direction in the UK and Australia via companies such as MPC, Stark, Th1ng and Locomotion.

The Frankenskippy banner is the main ‘flag’ for all current direction geared work.

Refer to the main directing portfolio for examples of work.

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