Need a new peg for your leg ?

Come visit the Doctor!

Frankenskippy is a showcase of the deviously delicious creative elixirs brewed up by Lars Magnus Holmgren from the depths of Frankenskippy’s laboratory.

Please navigate your feisty fingers to the various laboratory menu’s located across the top of the site.

Lars Magnus Holmgren AKA Dr Frankenskippy

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Technical Skills & Software

High Level Skill set

• Maya / Vray & Mental Ray • Nuke & Nuke Studio • Photoshop • Shake • Boujou • PF Track

Additional Skill set

• Redshift (for Maya) •  Shotgun •  Renderman •  Sapphire & Comp FX Plugins • Word & Excel •  Premiere Pro •  Alias Poweranimator •  Mudbox •  Z Brush •  Illustrator •  Fusion • Cy-Slice •  Freehand •  Matador •  Frame Cycler • Elastic Reality (morphing) •  After Effects •  Live-action and Stills camera • Flash ¨ Flock of Birds (Motion Capture) •  Analog Editing; Beta-SP & DCT dubbing

Artistic & Craft Skills

• Illustration • Painting • Photography • Graphic Design • Storyboarding
• Instrumentation • Sound Effects • Multi-Media shows • Performance Art
• Film & Video (Directing Shoots / Camera-Work, Lighting & Studio Techniques)

Awards & Credits

Received many awards and participated as speaker at various festivals and panels worldwide alongside several articles in noteworthy publications.

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