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Portfolio of Motion Productions. Featuring Design, Direction, Animation and Visual Effects for Short Form (commercials, promos and ident’s and short films) and Long Form (feature films and television series and documentaries).

This page showcases specifically the Visual Effects (VFX), Design & Animation of the Frankenskippy motion portfolio.

Sosro Iced Tea

VFX by Conja

Head Of 3D / Senior Generalist & Lighting TD

SBS Adventure – Opener (excerpt)

VFX by Conja

Senior 3D Generalist (climbing spot)

Te Papa Museum “Nature God” (from the Imax Showscan Film & Ride)

VFX by Conja

VFX Supervisor, Lead Technical Animator (falling rocks) / Lighting TD

Samsung LCD “Butterfly”

VFX by Conja

Head of 3D, Lead Character & Technical Animator

Racing Monitors

VFX by Conja

Lead Character Animator / Lighting TD

NRL Factory

VFX by Conja

Lead Character Animator / 3D Generalist & Lighting TD

Yakult Galoopers

VFX by Conja

Senior Generalist TD

Seven Comedy “Jumping Jelly”

VFX by Conja

Lead Character Animator / Senior 3D Generalist & Lighting TD

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