Pin Suited 'n' Booted

From the subterranean depths of the Frankenskippy laboratory, divine creative elixirs are brewed by Lars Magnus Holmgren AKA Dr Frankenskippy.

Trading his ice-skates for a surfboard when he migrated from Sweden to Australia, Lars earned a diploma with honors in the Fine Arts and a Degree with distinctions in Visual Communication before ‘cutting his teeth’ within the 3D/VFX industry and then flying via the big tin-bird to reside in London, UK.  He has worked in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, London, Stockholm, Berlin, Düsseldorf, LA and NYC, although Sydney currently remains his base.

Lars has earned several distinctions and awards for his work and has been invited to participate in presentations, speeches and panels around the world, with work featured in several magazines and television programs.

Lars is a well rounded senior creative with extensive experience and a broad skill-set (relative to the CGI/VFX industry and other fields) including CGI Animation, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Broadcast Design, Conceptual Design, Creative Direction, Animation Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Copy-Writing, Banner & Poster Design, Photography & Photographic Montage.

Lars’s main career focus and expertise are in 3D-CG/VFX; Direction, Supervision, Design, Animation and Senior Generalist ‘hands-on’ ability.

Further to his ability to devise strategic workflow conventions from concept through to completion and manage the VFX pipeline effectively, Lars is also gifted with a very creative mind and an ability to draw on the potency of the imagination for evocative and poignant conceptual output and direction.

During his years of professional experience Lars has enjoyed working in a variety of formats including film, commercials, promos, ident’s, games trailers and special formats, such as show-scan IMAX ‘rides’.

Lars has undertaken challenging senior roles such as Creative Director, Animation Director, CG-VFX Director, Head of 3D-CG, GG & VFX-Supervisor, Senior/Lead-Animator and Senior CG/VFX Generalist.

Lars has enjoyed many senior positions within companies of high repute such as DNEG, Animal Logic, Buck, Iloura, Plastic Wax, Prime Focus, Th1ng, Moving Picture Company (MPC) & Rushes and has enjoyed working in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Germany and Sweden.

Lars’s creative pursuits have not been limited to the film, television and VFX industries. He has earned distinctions in a variety of artistic arenas; from lead-vocalist in a punk-rock band, involvement in a performance art group to multi-media installations and collaborations with renowned artists.

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