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About Frankenskippy

CV (Curriculum Vitae / Resume of Professional Services)

Frankenskippy facilitates full production and visual communication services; concept development through to completion.

Aligned to and working with some of London’s leading talent, drawing from the very best Production, CGI & Visual Effects, Animation, Motion Graphics, Broadcast Design, Graphic Design, Illustration & Photomontage resources available, Frankenskippy is able to assure the highest degree of visual innovation, quality control and punctual delivery to suit your budget and brief.

Frankenskippy thus offers you expert creative services to meet any brief and job specification.

Frankenskippy is the banner for the expert services as directed by Lars Magnus Holmgren.

About Lars Magnus Holmgren

Achievement List; Summary

Achievement List; Full List


More References upon request

Lars is inspired by many forces, faces and wild ‘n’ wacky places.

From the subterranean depths of the Frankenskippy laboratory comes the concoctions, potions, elixirs and productions (commercial and artistically geared media incentive).

Let the Doctor lend a (severed) hand to help your breathe life into special project.

Yours deliriously inspired …
Lars Magnus Holmgren
AKA Dr Frankenskippy

Founder, Creative Director and CEO of Frankenskippy

Note: Lars is currently permanently residing in Sydney, Australia

During his many years of professional experience he has undertaken challenging senior roles such as Creative Director, Animation Director, VFX Director, Head of CG-VFX, VFX Supervisor, CG Supervisor, Art Director, Senior/Lead-Animator, Generalist TD, Lighting TD, Senior CG/VFX Generalist and Look Development Artist. His main career focus and expertise are in 3D-CGI/VFX, working in a variety of formats including long and short form productions; feature film & television, commercials, promos, ident’s, short films and special formats, such as planetarium films and show-scan IMAX ‘rides’.

Lars brings a wealth of CG/VFX knowledge to his workflow, devising sound strategic conventions and assuring the highest quality control measures. He has exceptional crew management and communication skills and is thus able to bring out the very best from the entire team via an open collaborative approach.

Working closely with VFX Producers, Production Managers and Production co-ordinators to devise and tailor the most appropriate team makeup and production pipeline and schedule to suit the project, he is able to roll very effectively with Dailies and Rounds to keep a very tight yet unconfined, creatively non-restrictive grasp of the day to day task associations, assuring an effective, streamlined delivery schedule.

Being well versed with the full technical and creative production process encompassing all disciplines, Lars is confident with all phases of production from the visual interpretation of the initial client brief, R&D, shoot supervision, pre and post visualisation, look development through all VFX and Post Production phases to final delivery.

From a lead/supervisory POV, Lars engages a combination of logical and lateral solutions to devise the most suitable workflow to assure the most robust production and technical pipeline possible to suit any project specification, be it long form or short form in nature.

Further to his direction and supervision ability, Lars has senior command of line/departmental management knowledge and comprehension of robust pipelines to suit long as well as short term initiatives.

Gifted with a very creative mind and an ability to draw on the potency of the imagination for evocative and poignant conceptual output and direction he has won several prestigious awards for his work and has been invited to attend panels and presentations (as presenter and VIP attendee) at noteworthy festivals and events worldwide. Note; please refer to the ‘achievement’ document for details.

Lars has brought his expertise to a diverse range of fields including CGI Animation, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Broadcast Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Creative Script Writing, Illustration, Banner & Poster Design, Photography and Photomontage. He is able to provide expert services within a vast variety of formats including long and short form motion productions for feature film & television, commercials, promotional videos, corporate identity, special formats such as planetarium films and show-scan IMAX ‘rides’ through to visual stills campaigns for online and print media.

Lars has enjoyed many senior positions within companies of high repute such as DNEG, Buck, Th1ng, Moving Picture Company, Prime focus & Rushes and has enjoyed working in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Germany and Sweden.

Lars’s creative pursuits have not been limited to the Motion & Stills Visual Communication industries. He has earned distinctions in a variety of artistic arenas; from lead-vocalist in a punk-rock band, exhibition geared art shows, involvement in a performance art group to multi-media installations and collaborations with renowned artists.


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